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AA Mediation Center’s experience over the years has demonstrated that given the opportunity and a trained, caring facilitative mediator, people can and will work together to solve their disputes successfully.

Our team offers mediation in Ann Arbor and Howell Michigan and Denver, Colorado.

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AA Mediation Center is an alternative to the often adversarial approach of a courtroom.


Why Mediation?

Facilitative mediation will help:
• Organize the parties to the tasks required.
• Assist with communication.
• Act as a resource for ideas and information.
• Assist both parties in understanding the issues.
• Assist in negotiating a fair settlement.
• Promote post-divorce cooperation.


What about the kids?

While creating a parenting plan, we discuss:

• Goals for parenting together.
• How communication about issues will occur.
• Decisions about handling future problems.
• A schedule for parenting time.


What is the final product?

Experience has proven that settlements reached through mediated negotiations are more likely to be honored by both parties than those reached through an adversarial legal process. The mutually agreed upon decisions are combined into a document that is signed by both parities and presented to the Judge.

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AA Mediation Center – Denver

2855 N Speer Blvd, Suite C 
Denver, CO 80211

AA Mediation Center – Ann Arbor

330 East Liberty, Suite 3A
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

AA Mediation Center – Howell

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