Benefits of Facilitative Mediation

Facilitative mediation is the art and science of finding solutions to problems with the assistance of a neutral third party. The focus is on finding solutions that best meet the participant’s needs and interests.

Your mediator can assist you in creating a workable solution or solutions to a problem without assigning judgment or blame. The mediation process:

  • Supports non-adversarial approaches to resolving conflicts
  • Helps both parties understand the issues
  • Develops creative solutions, geared to the specific needs of each person
  • Keeps control in the hands of the parties involved, rather than with outside individuals, agencies or authorities.

In traditional litigation, the disputing parties present their cases to a third party, in most cases a judge, who makes the final decision. In facilitative mediation, the parties remain in control throughout the process, jointly seeking the best possible solution. Facilitative mediation is a less expensive, less prolonged, less traumatic, and a more effective means of reaching an equitable settlement.