Other Services

Couples Counseling

We would be very happy to help you preserve your marriage.  We provide couples counseling.  A process designed to help you recognize and to better manage or reconcile problematic differences between you.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce is a crisis and can lead to feeling angry, overwhelmed and out of control, confused and depressed. If you need help managing the crisis and challenges of divorce, our mediators are experienced counselors who understand the psychological, practical and legal issues of divorce and can provide support and guidance to you.

Post-Divorce Mediation

After the divorce, your mediator can assist with post-divorce issues such as changes in custody, visitation, and support. Your mediator can also assist with problems in communication or with modifications to the agreement itself.

Family Mediation

The Center offers family mediation to serve the needs of families on issues such as

  • Parent/ teen relationships
  • Family member communication, responsibilities, and changing needs
  • Adult child/ elderly parent care
  • Death of a parent or grandparent and related issues
  • Prenuptial agreements

The Center can help families negotiate modifications in family functioning. Family mediation seeks to

  • Promote healthy structures for problem solving
  • Assist all parties in understanding the issues
  • Provide a neutral, supportive environment for negotiation
  • Reduce and resolve conflict